See our large range of over bath shower screen glass sizes high quality tested safety glass to Australian standard used in Melbourne apartments and homes for many years in stock now.

Over Bath Shower Screens

Whether you prefer a warm, relaxing bath or a refreshing shower, finding both in modern bathrooms looks to be a trend of the past as modern homes become more compact. That does not mean you have to compromise. Over bath shower screens are the ideal solution.

You can have the bathroom of your dreams with both a bath and a shower if you opt for frameless over bath shower screens. You may benefit from an over bath shower screen if:

  • Many modern homes come with either a bath or a shower. You can have the best of both worlds, even if you have limited space.
  • No space for the washing machine? Not all homes come with a dedicated laundry room. All the necessary water inlet and outlet pipes are already in the bathroom. Set up an over bath shower screen to make space for appliances.
  • Are you sick and tired of the near permanently wet floor in front of your shower? An over bath screen helps you get rid of this problem permanently. The high sides of the bath will prevent over splash and wet bathroom floors.

Leading Suppliers of Frameless Over Bath Shower Screens

We supply an extensive range of frameless glass shower solutions, with many designs to choose from.

  • Our over bath shower screens come in different colours to suit your individual taste and style.
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  • Our convenient online shop offers industry first order configuration tools to make ordering simple and easy.

Whether you purchase from our store in Thomastown, or order online, you are sure to find the ideal shower screen solution.